A human being is a tension enhancer... right from his birth he is the root cause for this totally unneceaary instinct of mankind. At birth parents ko tension,toddlers give tension to neighbors,As teenagers to the parents of cute girls. In twenties, as the reniassance activist to the whole public,Thirties give it to your wife,Forties and hence to your children,An finally to the worms when you die. So tension dene ka... chalte rehne ka.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Behind The Name

Before I bombard this place with my loosely strewn, un edited,
out of mind vagaries of thought process I feel obliged to the reader
to explain something about the name of the page.

"The womb" is a result of an intricate and highly convulsive sporadic metaphysical insights to the abstract world by a truly cataclysmic mind.
I was reading an article about the womb when i registered in eblogger.

But still i think the name means much more.
The womb can be anything that nourishes and protects you, a cubicle that
feeds you,helps you grow, imparts you with the virtues.
A womb maybe .. a womb for the infant, the sketch room for the 5 year old,
the playground for the ten year old,the library for the teenager,his garage 
for an enterpreuner, the steps to the grave for the octagenarian.
This place is where I wish to do everything.... wheedle like a child,
scream like a rioter, talk like a diplomat and complain like a sissy.
This is my womb.


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