A human being is a tension enhancer... right from his birth he is the root cause for this totally unneceaary instinct of mankind. At birth parents ko tension,toddlers give tension to neighbors,As teenagers to the parents of cute girls. In twenties, as the reniassance activist to the whole public,Thirties give it to your wife,Forties and hence to your children,An finally to the worms when you die. So tension dene ka... chalte rehne ka.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I stumbled on......

Vandemataram!!!!! Vandemataram!!!!! My moms radio bellowed , ofcourse accompanied by the groovy beats by A.R Rahman, Bankimji would be turning in his grave.but who cares these days. Much of the desi flavours are getting hybridised.

I have just finished the days quota of reading through my latest crush, the collection of essays from tharoor sir, the elephant, tiger and the cellphone.
Rich this time, for someone who was lured by the charm of midnight to millenium and delved into oblivion by bookless in baghdad.... this is ambrosia.
Repetition of facts obliterated this is one of the best reads on India in recent times, ofcourse tharoor sirs frequent readers might find stories getting repeated, like the 
drama in school days in bombay and chintu kapoor (later to become bollywood heartthrob rishi kapoor).
Unlike his previous collections this one is clearly segregated and some sort of editing is done,one finds occassional comments at places and unlike the bookless book , i didnt quite feel that he was doing a promo for his upcoming releases.
Tharoor sir exhibits his home state chauvinism yet again , in one of cutest depictions of kerala, twenty pages dedicated exclusively to god's own country, where one is guaranteed not to miss anything about kerala prevelant in small talks, even the joke of a chayakkada(tea shop) in moon finds a place.

Well, i intend to dedicate another section on dissecting the book, but today i would like to introduce the reader to someone i stumbled upon ..... her name is lajja gauri.

I was reading through Devdutt Patnaik's Mithya or the myth when she finds a mention.

The oldest goddess in mythology, lajja gauri is a woman exposing her genitalia. Depicted in Khajuraho,The posture held a striking resemblance to the erotoc poses profferred in most of the porn sites.

But according to Mr.Patnaik the posture has a lot to do with being divine rather than being erotic.
According to the writer the male is associated with conscience, control whereas the female form is associated with the dynamic external factors, the wild, the turbulent..... in short nature.
The statue thus depicts a yielding nature, mother nature in its apex potentials, constructed by artisans in a patriarchal society, the head is replaced by a lotus which depicts obedience to the male counterpart, she doesn't look straight into the eye.

Revelation indeed, but it leaves one speculating
Many of us say women lack conscience..... now mythology too???


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Michael Mars said...

oh my.... i think i like mythology :)

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